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National recording artist, literary author, conference leader, radio personality, talk show host, worship leader, and ministry visionary. Lisa Troyer is involved in so many ministry endeavors, it could leave a person out of breath.. For those who are willing to keep the pace, Lisa’s ministries are changing lives.

Lisa is a radio personality and talk show host for Moody Radio as well as the lead host with Circle of Friends radio, airing on more and more stations nationwide, including the pilot WEEC, Springfield, Ohio. This smooth and understated voice conveys friendship, inclusion, compassion, and care. It's no wonder many call her the “Christian radio Delilah.” And her ratings agree! Women everywhere are discovering Circle of Friends, not just as a radio program, but as a life-changing ministry. Through the avenues found on-line, at national conferences, social gatherings, local bible studies, and on the iPod, Lisa Troyer and Circle of Friends are everywhere women find themselves in need of friends, and in need of a Savior.

Lisa Troyer released the studio album “Meet Me At the Well” in early 2010, based on the book by Virelle Kidder. Following the album's release the two ladies quickly became great friends and launched an accompanying bible study with contributions from Jocelyn Hamshire. The trilogy pack is a refreshing drink for a dry and thirsty soul, which can bring mental, spiritual, and even physical restoration. The “Meet Me At the Well” content has been a focal point this year for the members of Circle of Friends and continues to expand with new music and literature.

Lisa and Circle of Friends recently filmed a feature length live recording of a gathering in Tennessee which will be available in early 2011. Accompanying this video will be an inside look into the heart of Circle of Friends, for all to better understand who and what these ladies represent, and how others can be a part of its fabulous reach.

Lisa has recently become involved with Carol Kent, and is recording new music which will be featured in a number of places and many different avenues. Fellow Circle of Friends worship leader, Dawn Yoder has also recorded a new project, which Lisa has been directly involved. The trio plus others have big plans for this music with Circle of Friends and beyond. Look for it to arrive in early 2011 as well.

Lisa is a wife and a mother of two. Living in Sugarcreek, OH, Lisa continues to blaze trails through multiple outlets for ministry outreach. LifeStage Records and Mission House Music couldn’t be more proud of the diligence and effort, or of the friendship and partnership with Lisa Troyer. Expect big things in the months to come.

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Briefly . . .
Favorite Food? Lobster
Hobby? Vacationing with Bob, My Harley, hanging out w/ Jillian & Christian
Movie? Out of Africa
Favorite Actor/Actress Meryl Streep
Favorite Singer Cliff Richard, Jim Murphy
Whats in the iPod? Duffy, Sheila Walsh, Circle of Friends, Chris McClarney
Favorite Bible Verse? Jeremiah 33:3, Isaiah 26: 3-4, John 4:34
Wii or Xbox? Wii

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